Site Selection Committee


The Site Selection Committee identifies and proposes a site or sites for one or more Annual Conferences as directed by the Board of Directors.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop a meeting resume to be submitted to potential sites
  • Consider cycle across WACUBO region and institutional resources in the site city
  • Review and determine facility and other requirements for the Annual Conference
  • Identify potential sites for the Annual Conference and initiate contact with those sites to determine interest for up to but not more than five years into the future
  • Consider locations with local higher education institutions located in potential site cities/regions, to support the Annual Conference
  • Recommend one or more appropriate sites to the board
  • Negotiate contract for approval by the board of directors
  • Recommend to the Board alternative methods for site selection
  • Provide budget input to the Finance Committe


  • Brad Baca, Chair
  • Ruth Johnston
  • Nichol Luoma

Page last updated on 5/15/2023