WACUBO will list jobs for member institutions as a benefit of WACUBO membership. All jobs listed were posted within the past 30 days. 

If you would like to submit a job opening, please complete the Job Posting form online. 

Job Postings will now be divided into Full-Time and Part-Time positions below:

Full-Time Positions:

Position Organization Date Posted Close Date
Vice President for Operations & Chief Financial Officer Westminster College 09/30/2022


Technology Services Financial Manager College of Engineering, Colorado State University 09/30/2022


Director of Campus and Space Planning Stanford University School of Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine 09/28/2022


Business Manager, Academic Success Center R0132695 Academic Success Center, University of Nevada Las Vegas 09/27/2022


Budget Analyst Western Washington University 09/26/2022

Until Filled

Director of Financial Services UC Irvine UC Irvine 09/20/2022


Chief Financial Officer Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences 09/20/2022

Until Filled

Director, Business Services Glendale Community College 09/20/2022


Vice President of Finance & Administrative Services Arapahoe Community College 09/20/2022

Until Filled; Preference by 10/24

Senior Financial Analyst at University of California Office of the President University of California Office of the President 09/16/2022


Remote Software Sourcing Lead at Stanford University Stanford University 09/16/2022


Business Operations Specialist Arizona State University 09/15/2022

Until Filled

Vice President, Administrative Services Glendale Community College 09/14/2022

Until Filled

Controller Cabrillo College Cabrillo College 09/12/2022


Database/Web Developer Colorado State University 09/12/2022


Director of Business Operations for Internationalization division, University of Denver University of Denver 09/07/2022

Until Filled, Preference given  by 09/16

Chief Human Resources and Culture Officer Menlo College 09/06/2022

Until Filled

Accountant 2 Portland State University 09/01/2022

Until Filled

Part-Time Positions:

Position Organization Date Posted Close Date