Nominations Committee


Ensure that the most skilled, brightest, and dedicated individuals in the profession are identified and given meaningful opportunities to serve in association governance and leadership roles.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Through a volunteer interest process recruit, review, and nominate WACUBO officers, Board members, and committee chairs. All WACUBO volunteers may participate in the application process through their own initiative or at the recommendation by a colleague.
  • Identify and determine skills, characteristics, expertise and requirements needed for each nominated position
  • Recruit volunteer leaders as appropriate
  • Prepare a slate of nominees
  • Determine nominees for officers (exclusive of President and 1st Vice President), Board Members, and committee chairs from the nominations received
  • Contact nominees to determine their willingness to serve in the role designated by the committee
  • Present slate of nominees to the Board of Directors for approval
  • Distribute remaining volunteer applications to nominated committee chairs for selection of committee members, based on pre-determined experience and expertise needed on the committee
  • Present slate of nominees to the membership for approval


  • Brad Baca, Chair
  • Lupe Valencia
  • Michael Clune
  • Robyn Pennington

Page last updated on 5/15/2023