Mentoring Program | Frequently Asked Questions

The WACUBO Mentoring Program is a year-long program designed for aspiring chief business officers (CBOs) and aspiring chief financial officers (CFOs) whose next career step could be CBO or CFO of an institution of higher education. WACUBO intentionally targets this group because when the next "higher up" is the college or university CFO or CBO, it can be challenging to find a mentor.

  1. Is there a cost to participate in the WACUBO Mentoring Program? 
    No, there are no costs to participate in the WACUBO Mentoring Program. However, participants are encouraged to attend the WACUBO Annual Conference, which may have costs for registration and travel.
  2. Who should apply for the program? 
    Individuals who are anticipating the role of CFO or CBO as their next career step are ready for the WACUBO Mentoring Program.
  3. How many mentees are selected for the program each year? 
    Depending on the number of applications received, in a typical year 4 to 6 mentees are selected to be paired with a mentor. The program is intentionally kept small to ensure quality pairings and targeted content for participants.
  4. How do I volunteer to serve as a mentor? 
    Chief Financial Officers and Chief Business Officers interested in becoming a mentor may contact the program chair at [email protected].
  5. What is the length of the program? 
    The program is a one-year program. An orientation at the WACUBO Annual Conference launches the program in the spring, and mentors and mentees meet monthly via phone or Zoom. The program concludes with a closing workshop which is held during the WACUBO Annual Conference.
  6. What if I am not selected to participate? 
    Unfortunately, not all applicants will be accepted to participate in the program due to space available. Ensure you meet the qualifications for the program and provide a complete application. If you are not accepted in the current year, you are welcome to apply again in the future.

For more information, contact WACUBO Mentoring Program Chair, Shannon Honour Shaw.