Goal 5

Background/Problem Statement: Achieve the goal with eye toward sustainability.

Specific Goals/Objectives:

  • Operationalize the three committee's structure with defined roles for each committee while maintaining mutuality of purpose.
  • Seek three year BOD authorization for ESHOW and corporate sponsorship program and enhanced exhibition showcase.
  • Populate the three committees with individuals that bring business partner relationships/understanding cultivation membership for sustainable effectiveness and lower key pension risk.
  • Rededicate to maintain $550k to support program and exhibition showcase ambitions and administrative cost capacity.
  • and administrative cost capacity.
  • Speed dating.

Resources Required:

  • Augmented volunteer participation.
  • Board approval as discussed.
  • Michael Catanzaro, Arturo Rodriguez's time and talent.

Timeline: 12 months, June to May.

Strategy it Aligns With: Securing WACUBO's Financial Future

What Measures Will You Use:

  • Meet or exceed $550k revenue target for Tucson and San Francisco.
  • Conduct stronger exhibition and member focus groups to gauge impact effectiveness of showcase

Chair/Co-Chair: Harold Hewitt, Dean Calvo