Goal 2

Background/Problem Statement: In order to support the mission of WACUBO and its strategic priorities, MCC will ensure systematic, effective and consistent communication and marketing by developing an operational infrastructure to continuously inform the constituency about our services, promote the brand and demonstrate our value.

Mission of the Activity: Formalize and consolidate marketing and communication efforts across the organization.

Specific Goals/Objectives:

  • Identify and assess needs and the scope in order to develop communication and marketing plan and strategies including what (themes and topics) to communication, how, to whom, in what way, and how frequently.
  • Define the required infrastructure: people, expertise, date, resources.
  • Work with the required committees to develop a sustainable interaction plan and a feedback loop, including cross fertilization (especially PDWC, Research, VEC).
  • Utilize the available technology and resources to maximize message effectiveness.
  • Establish measures, benchmarks and performance standards.

Resources Required: To be developed (see above).

Timeline: Program year: 2015-2016

Strategy It Aligns With:  Strengthen WACUBO Capacity

What Measures Will You Use:

  • Number of open messages.
  • Number of web site visits (traffic reports). 
  • Increase in program(s) participation.
  • Additions to the mailing list.

Chair/Co-Chair: Janna Bersi