Comprehensive, Doctoral and Research Institutions Committee


The Comprehensive/Doctoral Institutions and Research Institutions Committee (CDRIC) acts as a liaison between their representative constituency and the WACUBO Board of Directors. This is accomplished by identifying, defining, and communicating the needs of Comprehensive Institution and Research Institutions Business Officers to WACUBO. This includes advisory functions to officers and committees of WACUBO in the planning and conducting of Association programs, and includes communication to the membership of opportunities for continued professional development.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Interpret needs of constituents based on data from WACUBO conducted needs assessment and environmental scanning.
  • Provide input to the needs assessment and environmental scan process.
  • Serve as representative of respective constituent group.
  • Coordinate and approve scholarships (within approved budget) within constituent group.
  • Participate in the Annual Conference and Institutes planning content and faculty.
  • Provide budget input to the Finance Committee.
  • Promoting the interests of their constituents to the Board and other committees.
  • Improve the effectiveness of Comprehensive and Research Institution related programs at the Annual Meetings by providing opportunities for the business officers of larger institutions to share ideas and common problems.
  • Support WACUBO professional development activities as they pertain to Comprehensive and Research institutions and encourage participation.
  • Increase membership and participation of Comprehensive and Research institutions business officers in WACUBO, including academic and departmental business officers.
  • Identify and communicate with prospective WACUBO members.
  • Strengthen the participation of Comprehensive and Research institutions business officers at the WACUBO Annual Meeting by conducting the CIC constituent lunch or other events designed around the needs of CIC institution business officers.
  • Provide regular CIC articles/updates for publication.
  • Strengthen the communication between the NACUBO/WACUBO Comprehensive and Research Institution Committees as well as with other regions.
  • Increase exposure of WACUBO Comprehensive and Research Institutions.
  • Increase exposure of WACUBO CDRIC Committee at other higher educational focused professional organizational meetings.


  • Linda Kosten, chair
  • Cindy Alexis
  • Erin Hutchinson
  • Jeff Ratje
  • Jennifer Radke
  • Joel Colvin
  • Monica Kane

Page last updated on 10/27/2023