2023 Annual Conference Program Committee


The Program Committee is responsible for the development, arrangement, and delivery of the following year's Annual Meeting program.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Committee recommends the theme of the Annual Meeting to the Board for approval. The Committee Chair, in consultation with the Chair of the Host Committee, develops a budget for approval by the Board and manages the program portion of the overall conference budget.
  • The Committee identifies the speakers for the Annual Meeting and makes recommendations to the Host Committee on program format.
  • The Committee works closely with the Host Committee and Information Exchange Committee to facilitate speaker arrangements and sponsorships, respectively.
  • The Committee is responsible for corresponding with the speakers in order to obtain pictures and biographies, to keep the speakers informed of the progress of the program, to identify speaker requirements and to assist the speakers, if needed, with transportation and accommodations at the Annual Meeting.
  • During the Annual Meeting, the Committee is responsible for the speakers and for helping the speakers with transportation requirements, meeting room setups, and audiovisual needs. 


  • Mike Clune, Chair, 2nd VP
  • Brad Baca, WACUBO Board President
  • Lupe Valencia-Skanes, WACUBO Board 1st VP
  • Nichol Luoma, Business Partners Showcase
  • Robyn Pennington, WACUBO Board 3rd VP
  • Lizzy Barron Silva, Host Chair
  • Queen King, Liaison to Workshops Committee
  • Sandy Valdez, Liaison to Community Colleges Committee
  • Jeff Ratje, Liaison to CDRIC
  • Patricia Realo Anderson, Liaison to DEI Committee
  • Yolanda Anglin, Liaison to DEI Committee
  • Cindy Alexis, Liaison to the Data Analytics Committee
  • Angie Marinello, At large
  • Ann Rodriguez, Liaison to the Business Partners Steering Committee
  • Sara Reed, Professional Development Steering Committee Chair
  • Kelli Brandvold, At large
  • Janet Burkhardt, At large
  • Jon Giacomi, At large