Goal 3

Background/Problem Statement: While WACUBO collects certain data consistently (e.g., demographic data through registration processes), we do not collect other data (e.g., workshop feedback) as consistently. Further, we do not use the data collected in a systematic manner to improve programs. In sum, we have not been as "data-driven" as we could be because of these inconsistencies.

Mission of the Activity: To capture and use data to enhance programs and services.

Specific Goals/Objectives:

  • Select, purchase and implement platform for data collection.
  • Conduct needs assessment with program and constituent groups.
  • Develop and implement standardized reports for relevant committees and leadership.

Resources Required:

  • Acquire platform ($5,000 - $10,000).
  • Opportunity to interact face-to-face with stakeholder committees for needs assessment.
  • Volunteer time.


  • Platform: May - Deliver proposal to Board for consideration.
  • Needs Assessment: Formalize by June.
  • Reports: Formalize at 2016 Annual Meeting.

Strategy It Aligns With: Strengthening Operational Core

What Measures Will You Use: Done or Not Done

Chair/Co-Chair: Nicholle Zarkower and Dillon Miskimins