Track 1 - Electives

Identifying, Preventing and Responding to Fraud (Wednesday Morning)
Intermediate College and University Accounting for Accountants (Tuesday and/or Wednesday Morning)
The Beginner’s Guide to Insurance & Risk in Higher Education (Thursday Morning)
Understanding College and University Accounting. An Introductions for Non-Accountants (Tuesday and/or Wednesday Morning)

Track 2

Clear Expectations & Honest Conversations (Monday Afternoon)
Identifying and Analyzing Risk Exposure in Higher Education (Thursday Morning)
Integrated Assessment, Planning & Budgeting (IAPB ) - Full Presentation (Monday Morning)
IAPB: Request for Graduation Initiative 2025 Funding From (Monday Morning). Download Request for Graduate Initiative Rubric
IAPB: RFP University Space Available for Re-Allocation (Monday Morning). Download Financial Plan Template
IAPB: Vacated Space Floor Plans (Monday Morning). Download Vacated Space Rubric
Leadership Is in the Eye of the Follower (Accompanying Article to The Challenges of Leadership)
Liberating Structures (Monday Afternoon)
Navigating the Audit Trail and the Importance of Internal Controls (Tuesday Morning)
The Challenges of Leadership - Situationally & Significantly (Tuesday Morning)
The Whole Brain Model: Working Styles, Change & Conflict (Wednesday Morning)

Track 1 and 2 Electives

Bridging the Gap: Doing Business Together (better) Across Departmental Lines (Wednesday Afternoon)
Management Problem Solving (Wednesday Afternoon)
Management Problem Solving Case Studies #1 thru #4 (Wednesday Afternoon)
Operational Budgeting (Wednesday Afternoon)
Use Your Power (Tuesday Afternoon)

Track 3

Current Hot Topics in Risk Management (Wednesday Afternoon)
Hot Topics for Higher Education Professionals (Thursday Morning)
Maximizing Onboarding for 21st Century Success (Tuesday Afternoon)
Snakes, Slackers & Back Stabbers: Strategies for Dealing with Especially Frustrating People (Tuesday Morning)

Track 4

Essential Leadership Skills for Challenging Times (Tuesday Morning)
Next Level Competencies and Career Action Planning (Monday Morning)
Strategy Planning through Implementation (Wednesday and Thursday)
The Science & Strategy of Moving Your Ideas Forward (Tuesday Morning)
Why Is Change So Hard? (Tuesday Afternoon)


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