Goal 4

Background/Problem Statement: WACUBO lacks a sustainable financial strategy to perpetuate the organization.

Specific Goals/Objectives:

  • Forecaster budget vs. actual reporting.
  • Refine budget template - 2 years forward.
  • Investment and spending policy - high level direction from the board.
  • Sustainable business plan - high level direction from the board.

Resources Required:

  • Time and personnel
  • Cash flow
  • Accurate historical information
  • High level direction from the board
  • Business partner team
  • Risk management plan (reserve and working capital)


  • Forecaster Budget and Template: Before the annual meeting (May 2015).
  • Finance and goal team to meeting during the annual meeting.
  • Finance Committee: Early fall meeting to develop investment and spending policy and business plan recommendation to the board.

Strategy It Aligns With: Securing WACUBO's Financial Future

What Measures Will You Use:

  • Quality
  • Net positive
  • Bottom line
  • Board vote

Chair/Co-Chair: Jeff Riddell and Cheryl Heath