Goal 1: Diversify Institutional and Individual Participation

Background/Problem Statement: How do we ensure successful planning when the presidents are mostly from certain states?

Specific Goals/Objectives:

  • How do we sustain participation when the president's term is over?
  • Inventory of who is not coming?
  • Design a program to specifically address that.
  • Find faculty of that institution to take a WACUBO program.
  • What are the right questions to ask?
  • CFOs attend WACUBO to encourage staff to attend.
  • How do we engage institutions post presidency?
  • How do we diversify participation?
  • How do we attract institutions that no longer attend?

Resources Required:

  • Identify 5-6 non-participating institutions and ask their CFO to serve on a panel to identify the employee of the future.
  • Specific seminar or session or a day-long symposium, make them feel important.
  • Modify the bylaws, include non-finance member.
  • Offer HR related program without trying to compete with CUPA etc.
  • Develop a demographic that we should address.
  • Analyze internal PD programs in large institutions, maybe offer term at WACUBO.
  • Opportunity in the networking sessions.

Timeline: Assessment of the demographic of areas of interest by the fall meeting.

Strategy It Aligns With: Focusing on Excellence in Higher Education Business & Management Practices

What Measures Will You Use: New level of participation from institutions historically didn't participate. Membership participation.

Chair/Co-Chair: Gregg Goldman and Paul Jenny