Marketing and Communications Committee


Design and implement strategies for promoting WACUBO by continuously strengthening its brand and developing web, social media, and print materials. MCC's objective will be to execute a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy which clearly presents WACUBO's mission and its services.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develops WACUBO's marketing, branding and communications plan by working closely with the Board of Directors and all relevant committees.
  • Implements and monitors an overall advertising and marketing plan, publications, blast e-mails, press releases, announcements, members' profiles, white papers, and other communication and promotional materials in a variety of media outlets consistent with the strategic plan.
  • Manages the web site and provides high quality, relevant, current content which is consistent in design, message, and branding.
  • Continuously updates social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).
  • Maintains liaison with the Board of Directors and other committees to ensure alignment of objectives.
  • Ensures unified branding and messaging in all communications and materials.
  • Functions as a resource for branding new resources and services offered by WACUBO.
  • Oversees website analytics to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Conducts an annual self-evaluation of the performance of the committee, its effectiveness and compliance with its stated Roles and Responsibilities.


The Marketing and Communications Committee shall consist of a minimum of seven to nine members recommended by the Volunteer Engagement Committee and approved for appointment by the President. The Chair of the Marketing and Communications Committee shall be appointed by the President.


  • Bradley Kendrex, Chair — Chandler-Gilbert Community College
  • Heather Breen, Chapman University
  • Kathleen Prunty, San Jose State University
  • Krista Borg, University of Oregon